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Health Coach

Overview of RIVER's Health Coach Program


Health Coach is a free 12-week program where clients are paired with a team of exercise and nutrition interns (Health Coaches) to form personal health goals and track progress. Rather than act as experts and give advice, health coaches work together with clients as equals. The goals and pace of the program are determined by the client, while health coaches simply help facilitate that change and offer accountability. Each Health Coach team strives to support clients by bolstering internal strengths and providing vetted information or external resources upon request. The ultimate aim of Health Coach is to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment such that clients are empowered to develop self-management strategies that allow for positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.

If you are interested in joining the program, keep reading! 

Everyone deserves support for a healthy lifestyle, but “health” is not the same for everyone. Our needs and challenges are all unique and personal and that’s why we created Health Coach.


The Health Coach Program is a FREE weekly health counseling service provided and founded by R.I.V.E.R. (Recognizing Illnesses Very Early and Responding), a non-profit preventative health care advocacy group from UC Davis. Health Coach assigns a friendly, trained, and knowledgeable team of coaches to provide a non-judgemental, professional, and effective way to increase well-being through exercise and nutrition expertise. 

Now offering an ONLINE service for anyone.


Over the course of 12 week period, we will focus on: 

  • Working towards your own personal goals

    • Examples: losing weight, building strength, creating healthy eating plans, developing healthy habits, increasing health education, etc.


  • Tailoring a complete program specific to you

    • We strive to help you overcome your challenges and work around your schedule


  • Recording your personal progressions to your goals 

    • Your accomplishments and milestones will directly reflect how much you’ve worked and achieved


  • Provide effective ways to improve your lifestyle.

    • Our suggestions are peer-reviewed and fact-checked by credible sources such as scientific journals and our collegiate professor advisors.


  • Accessibility through any media platform (meeting weekly or bi-weekly depending on your schedule)

    • Zoom, Skype, Text Messaging, Facebook, Email, Google Hangout, etc.

  • Making sure this program will always be free for everyone

Before signing-up: We are NOT experts. Coaches focus on motivation, accountability, and sustaining habits! Our ultimate goal is to support you to accomplish your goals w/o acting outside our scope of practice.  Check-in with your doctor to see if you are cleared for physical activity and that you do not have any serious pre-existing conditions that might affect your health. Again, we are not experts, practitioners, or a replacement for your physicians. What we provide is support and suggestions only!

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Please contact us for more info: 


Facebook: RIVERatUCD

Instagram: @RIVERatUCD

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