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Outreach, Research, and Education (ORE)

Overview of RIVER's ORE Program


The Outreach, Research, and Education (ORE) branch of RIVER at UC Davis is an online expansion of our outreach efforts. The ORE branch was spearheaded and facilitated by RIVER’s Co-Outreach Directors, Fallon Duffy and Indira D’Souza. Our team of about 15-20 ORE interns are divided into small groups. These groups must select a wellness topic relating to nutrition, exercise, or preventive health. Next, they complete extensive research on their topic using reliable sources. Finally, our interns condense this information into comprehensive infographics, presentations, or other media forms. This cycle repeats approximately 3 times per academic quarter, so by the end of each quarter each group has produced 3 pieces of educational material! These can be distributed to our RIVER Health Coach clients and our other partners in community education. 


In addition to these infographics, the ORE groups rotate the responsibility of creating educational curricula for children in grades K-5. Each week, these curriculum outlines are turned into bright, exciting infographics for RIVER’s partner, Bret Harte Elementary School. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is one way that our organization remains engaged with our students at Bret Harte!


See examples of ORE projects and curriculums below!

Contact the ORE Program Directors at

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